What Is Rustic Design And How Can I Use It In My Home?

You’ve probably seen quite a few beautiful home designs labeled ‘rustic’. Finding a common theme between the different rustic styles can get a bit tricky, however. People use this term on everything from log-cabin, to coastal, to Tuscan-style design. So what, exactly, is rustic design?

Rustic design is a catch-all term used to describe a style of decorating that is that’s natural, rough, aged, and/or casual. It’s usually a cozy style with handmade, over-size furniture and natural textiles. Rustic is sometimes considered the opposite of ‘modern’. However, you might find that you like contemporary rustic design, which fuses elements of modern style with rustic elements.

With all that in mind, here are a few common elements that all rustic designs share:


Handmade Furniture

A large percentage of furniture used in rustic designs is handmade, typically from natural materials. We’re talking solid-wood tables, over-sized chairs with comfy cushions, and hand-woven blankets. Typically, rustic furniture has a cozy, livable look and feel. Rustic designs often use wood flooring, barn doors, and exposed beams as well.

Natural Color Palette

Neutrals abound in rustic design. Materials are often left their original color, so you get lots of natural wood and stone tones. That doesn’t mean no bold colors, though. As long as you stick with natural earth-tones you’re good. Greens, browns, and grays are common, but earthy reds and blues that look like sky and water fit the style as well.

Unpolished Materials

There’s usually a certain amount of roughness to rustic design. Raw woods and stone typically form the backbone of the design, offering a variety of natural textures and colors. Reclaimed wood is often used since it has an aged look to it that’s perfect for rustic design. In textiles, you’ll almost never see something with a sheen. Raw fabrics fit the aesthetic much better. For a more contemporary rustic look, you can bring in some modern elements like the metal that we use in our modern and industrial furniture collections.

Comfortable Atmosphere

All the elements of rustic design should come together to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. That’s one of the main goals of incorporating rustic elements into your interior design. Even with some raw materials and rough edges, it all comes together to make a space that feels homey.

Do you want to incorporate rustic design into your home? If so, handmade solid-wood furniture and barn doors are a great place to start. You can shop online to see what kind of rustic designs we make or contact us if you have a custom request.

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