Ways To Use Barn Doors

Sliding doors are a hot trend in interior design right now, and barn doors from Rustic+Modern are among the best quality you can buy. Our solid wood construction is built to last and the design brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Choose from several different door styles, woods, and stains for a custom look that fits your space perfectly. As you would expect, barn doors work well in country and ranch style houses, and they also pair well with modern and industrial design.

Ways To Use Barn Doors Frisco Rustic Barn Doors

Swing-door Replacement

Most doors in your home could be replaced by a barn door if you like the way they look and want to save space. A traditional swing-door takes up about 9 square feet of floor space while a sliding door only requires a few inches of floor and enough wall space to mount the barn door hardware. Barn doors work well for doors into bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and closets.

Tight Spaces

As long as there’s enough wall space for them to slide, you can use barn doors to save room where a swing-door won’t fit or would take up too much space. One example is doorways that open into narrow hallways – with a barn door, you don’t have to worry about hitting anyone walking down the hall when you open the door and it’s much easier to navigate the hall when the door’s open.

Hidden Rooms

Barn doors are a great way to cover rooms you’d rather not keep visible. If you have a pantry, laundry room or small office that you want to hide away when it’s not in use, barn doors fit the bill nicely. Sliding barn doors also work well for creating privacy in rooms that you still want the option to open up on occassion, such as an office or study.

Room Divider

If you have an open concept home, you can use barn doors to create sliding room dividers that maintain the open feel of the home while offering the option for privacy. You can close the rooms off using the solid wall-like doors or slide the doors out of the way when you want to open the space up. An example would be separating a dining room from the kitchen or living area.

Decorative Accents

Barn doors from Rustic+Modern are attractive enough that they can double as a statement piece to decorate the home. Even when you don’t have a doorway, barn doors can be used to cover a media center, placed as a headboard, or even used as curtains. As window covers, two narrow barn doors could work like sliding indoor shutters and make effective room-darkening shades.

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