Solid Wood Furniture’s Place in Modern Design

Solid wood furniture is one of the most enduring design trends, and that’s especially true in modern interior design. Wood furniture perfectly embodies modern design ideals of sustainable natural elements, quality craftsmanship, and unique decorating pieces to create an elegantly simple space. Whether you’re going for a classic look, a rustic chic feel, industrial modern, or anything in between, there’s a wood furniture piece that can work in your home.

Solid Wood Furniture in Modern Design Custom Tables Plano

Natural Beauty

Incorporating natural and organic elements into your interior design provides a type of beauty that just isn’t possible with synthetic materials. There really isn’t a substitute for the weighty, cool presence of natural stone, the feel of real leather, or the natural grain of solid wood. Psychologically, natural elements often lend a calming, peaceful effect to a room.

Solid wood furniture is also an environmentally friendly choice for incorporating natural elements into the design. The type of timber we use for furniture can be harvested and re-planted sustainably. Furniture made from solid wood also lasts for a long time. If it ever does get thrown out many years in the future, it won’t contribute to the landfill problem since wood is biodegradable.

Quality Craftsmanship

Getting away from disposable, trend-of-the-moment design often means investing in high-quality decorating pieces such as solid wood furniture. Handcrafted furniture made by accomplished craftsmen will last for years and is a true work of art.

Here at Rustic + Modern, we’ve spent countless hours honing our woodworking skills so we can build the best quality furniture possible. Every piece we produce is designed to become an heirloom. We don’t take short-cuts and you won’t find mediocre craftsmanship in our designs. If you’d like to inspect the quality in-person, contact us and request an appointment to visit our design center in Prosper, Texas.

Completely Custom

Custom-made furniture pieces can fit perfectly into an interior design and represent something about the decorator’s tastes and style. Tailoring a few pieces like a dining table or office desk to your exact specifications ensures you’re completely happy with the furniture in your space. This is especially important in modern minimalist design, where there aren’t a lot of decorations to distract from the main pieces in the room.

Rustic + Modern offers a variety of customization options. On the more “rustic” side, we have three main styles of farmhouse tables. On the more “modern” side, we pair solid wood table tops with metal elements like table legs and/or re-purposed metal pipe components. You also choose the type of wood, what kind of finish we use, and the size of the finished piece.

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