One Barn Door or Two?

When you’re looking at barn door design ideas, you’ll see a huge range of styles and hanging options. Some doorways are hung with just one barn door. Others have two barn doors hung side-by-side so they roll back to either side of the doorway.

How many door you use depends on available space, what you’re using the door for, and personal preference. Two barn doors will be more expensive than one, but there are situations where double barn doors will fit your space and design plan better.



Measure Your Space

Space is the first consideration when deciding what type and size of barn door to hang. Barn doors need at least as much wall space beside the door as the doorway is wide. If your door opening is 3 feet wide, you need 3 feet of clear wall space on one side of the doorway for the barn door to slide along when you open the door.

But what if your doorway is 60-inches wide and you don’t have a that much wall space? You can still hang barn doors if you have 30 inches of clear wall space on each side by using two barn doors instead of one. This also works for wider door openings, where a single door might be impractical.

What’s the Door For?

How you’re going to use the door can also determine whether you want to use one barn door or two to cover the opening. You probably don’t want a double barn door over the bathroom since there’s always going to be a slight gap between the two doors. In this situation, one door would offer more privacy.

Double barn doors work very well as doors into rooms like pantries, offices, and closets. They’re also good for use as room dividers if your home has an open floor plan. So long as there’s room to hang a door track, you can use barn doors to maintain the open feel of the rooms while offering the option to close rooms off from each other.

Consider Aesthetics

Another consideration when hanging barn doors is what you want them to look like. Do you want the symmetrical look of a double door that opens sort of like a sliding French door? Or do you want a single door to take the place of a swing-door while saving space and adding a rustic contemporary look to your home?

If you’re ready to try out barn doors in your home, check out our website to see some of our designs and get a price quote. We offer hardware and door packages, as well as installation and delivery depending on how far away you are from our Prosper, Texas, location. Our barn doors are completely custom and we’ll work with you to create the perfect size door, or doors, for your space.

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