What To Expect With Solid Wood Furniture

When you buy quality solid wood furniture, you can expect it to stay beautiful for many years as long as it’s well cared for. The strong visual presence and organic feel of wood never goes out of style and fits with most decorating themes. These pieces can even blur the line between vintage and modern, as do the tables and desks in our Industrial Collection.



Solid wood furniture is an investment that, if properly cared for, can be passed down from generation to generation. Furniture like our Classic Farmhouse table is the sort of thing that can stay in the family for a long time and become an heirloom.

In keeping with their durability, you can expect solid wood furniture pieces will be heavy. This makes them harder to move, but also more sturdy. It’s just something to keep in mind if you’re planning to move or rearrange furniture frequently.


Taking care of solid wood furniture is not difficult. To keep the wood from warping, avoid exposing it to excessive temperatures, liquid, and extreme changes in humidity. For tables, make sure you put a hot pad down before placing any warm dishes on the surface. Table clothes, coasters, runners, and/or placemats will also help keep the surface in good shape.

We recommend using mild soap and a soft cloth, like microfiber, to clean your Rustic + Modern furniture. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach, as they will eat away at the finish. Instead, polish and protect wood as-needed using a product like Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner.


Solid wood furniture ages gracefully and often stays beautiful for many, many years. When it does start to show its age, wood furniture can be made beautiful again. Unlike manufactured wood and veneers, you can refinish solid wood.

Even old, neglected furniture that’s decades old can be refinished. The fact that people are still picking up old solid wood dressers, tables and chairs and restoring them to their former beauty is a testament to wood furniture’s endurance.


We’re more conscious than ever about the environmental impact of our products, and solid wood is one of the most environmental-friendly choices you can make when shopping for furniture. Plastics, veneers, and engineered wood are typically heavily processed and filled with chemicals. Solid wood, on the other hand, can be manufactured in a more natural way.

The wood used in solid furnishings can be sourced from forests being replenished by new plantings. When you take into consideration how long solid wood furniture can last and how many years will pass before it’s ever thrown away, it becomes an even more sustainable choice.

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