Increase Home Value With Barn Doors

When you think of design features that increase the value of your home, barn doors probably aren’t on the top of your list. Perhaps they should be. Real Estate website Zillow Digs recently analyzed their 2.8 million listings and came to a conclusion that shouldn’t be all that surprising for those of us who love barn doors.

According to a report released in April, the phrase “barn door” might help homes on the market sell 57 days faster and fetch a 13.4 percent higher price than homes without a sliding door. “Barn doors” rank higher than any other design term Zillow’s study analyzed in their listings. The study covered homes of various price points and locations.


Barn Doors Catch Buyers’ Eyes

If you’re trying to sell a home, simply replacing a swing door with a barn door doesn’t guarantee a higher final selling price. However, if you already have a home design that would appeal to barn door enthusiasts, being able to include that keyword in your listing can help make the home easier to sell. Even if you’re not planning to sell in the near future, using a barn door in your remodeling could increase the home value.

Skylar Olsen, Zillow’s senior economist, explains that the relationship between barn doors in the home and higher value isn’t automatic. You can’t just slap on a barn door and increase the value of any home. “Barn doors are a signal of a strong design sense,” Zillow said in an interview with Bloomberg. She continues, “People that design homes or fix them up with barn doors might have their eyes toward other key design elements that people value, like a farmhouse sink or an open kitchen.”

Design Style and Barn Doors

Many home buyers are looking for a design aesthetic that lends itself well to barn doors. In Zillow’s report, “Craftsmen style” and related keywords rated highly in listings that buyers were looking for. Keywords like “farmhouse sink” and “shaker cabinets” rated right behind “barn doors” in terms of popularity.

Barn doors also work well with industrial and modern styles, another popular design trend. The keyword ranked 4th on Zillow’s list was “subway tile.” A little farther down on the list, we find other keywords like “exposed brick” and “pendant lighting,” which are associated with modern and industrial design. Barn doors with metal hardware fit right into these decorating styles.

Choosing A Barn Door

Rustic + Modern’s barn doors are of the highest quality and work well with popular design trends as well as classic home styles. If increasing your home value is one of the reasons you’re thinking of installing a barn door, you’re in the right place.

We offer several different barn door designs that are custom-made to your exact specifications. You choose the size, wood type, stain or paint color, and style. We also offer different styles of hardware, and installation and delivery if you live close enough to our design center. You can order online or contact us to set up an appointment with our design center and see barn door examples in-person.

One Barn Door or Two?

When you’re looking at barn door design ideas, you’ll see a huge range of styles and hanging options. Some doorways are hung with just one barn door. Others have two barn doors hung side-by-side so they roll back to either side of the doorway.

How many door you use depends on available space, what you’re using the door for, and personal preference. Two barn doors will be more expensive than one, but there are situations where double barn doors will fit your space and design plan better.



Measure Your Space

Space is the first consideration when deciding what type and size of barn door to hang. Barn doors need at least as much wall space beside the door as the doorway is wide. If your door opening is 3 feet wide, you need 3 feet of clear wall space on one side of the doorway for the barn door to slide along when you open the door.

But what if your doorway is 60-inches wide and you don’t have a that much wall space? You can still hang barn doors if you have 30 inches of clear wall space on each side by using two barn doors instead of one. This also works for wider door openings, where a single door might be impractical.

What’s the Door For?

How you’re going to use the door can also determine whether you want to use one barn door or two to cover the opening. You probably don’t want a double barn door over the bathroom since there’s always going to be a slight gap between the two doors. In this situation, one door would offer more privacy.

Double barn doors work very well as doors into rooms like pantries, offices, and closets. They’re also good for use as room dividers if your home has an open floor plan. So long as there’s room to hang a door track, you can use barn doors to maintain the open feel of the rooms while offering the option to close rooms off from each other.

Consider Aesthetics

Another consideration when hanging barn doors is what you want them to look like. Do you want the symmetrical look of a double door that opens sort of like a sliding French door? Or do you want a single door to take the place of a swing-door while saving space and adding a rustic contemporary look to your home?

If you’re ready to try out barn doors in your home, check out our website to see some of our designs and get a price quote. We offer hardware and door packages, as well as installation and delivery depending on how far away you are from our Prosper, Texas, location. Our barn doors are completely custom and we’ll work with you to create the perfect size door, or doors, for your space.

Solid Wood Furniture’s Place in Modern Design

Solid wood furniture is one of the most enduring design trends, and that’s especially true in modern interior design. Wood furniture perfectly embodies modern design ideals of sustainable natural elements, quality craftsmanship, and unique decorating pieces to create an elegantly simple space. Whether you’re going for a classic look, a rustic chic feel, industrial modern, or anything in between, there’s a wood furniture piece that can work in your home.

Solid Wood Furniture in Modern Design Custom Tables Plano

Natural Beauty

Incorporating natural and organic elements into your interior design provides a type of beauty that just isn’t possible with synthetic materials. There really isn’t a substitute for the weighty, cool presence of natural stone, the feel of real leather, or the natural grain of solid wood. Psychologically, natural elements often lend a calming, peaceful effect to a room.

Solid wood furniture is also an environmentally friendly choice for incorporating natural elements into the design. The type of timber we use for furniture can be harvested and re-planted sustainably. Furniture made from solid wood also lasts for a long time. If it ever does get thrown out many years in the future, it won’t contribute to the landfill problem since wood is biodegradable.

Quality Craftsmanship

Getting away from disposable, trend-of-the-moment design often means investing in high-quality decorating pieces such as solid wood furniture. Handcrafted furniture made by accomplished craftsmen will last for years and is a true work of art.

Here at Rustic + Modern, we’ve spent countless hours honing our woodworking skills so we can build the best quality furniture possible. Every piece we produce is designed to become an heirloom. We don’t take short-cuts and you won’t find mediocre craftsmanship in our designs. If you’d like to inspect the quality in-person, contact us and request an appointment to visit our design center in Prosper, Texas.

Completely Custom

Custom-made furniture pieces can fit perfectly into an interior design and represent something about the decorator’s tastes and style. Tailoring a few pieces like a dining table or office desk to your exact specifications ensures you’re completely happy with the furniture in your space. This is especially important in modern minimalist design, where there aren’t a lot of decorations to distract from the main pieces in the room.

Rustic + Modern offers a variety of customization options. On the more “rustic” side, we have three main styles of farmhouse tables. On the more “modern” side, we pair solid wood table tops with metal elements like table legs and/or re-purposed metal pipe components. You also choose the type of wood, what kind of finish we use, and the size of the finished piece.

Choosing the Finish for Your Furniture

To Finish or Not to Finish….

Most of the tables and other furniture pieces that leave Rustic+Modern are completely finished and ready for use in the home. We do, however, offer our customers the option to stain/finish their tables themselves. This can have advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you might save a little money and you’ll be able to match the table finish to your other furniture or wood trim in the room. On the other hand, doing your own finishing isn’t as cost-effective as it first appears and making a mistake could damage your new furniture.

rustic furniture dallas how to choose the right finish for your furniture

Will It Save Money?

If you decide you want an unfinished table from Rustic+Modern, the table will cost $150 less than a finished table of the exact same design. It sounds like you’re saving quite a bit of money, but does it really work out that way?

When you stain and finish your furniture yourself, you’ll have the added cost of stain and/or clear finishes to consider. You also have to decide how much your time is worth – doing your own finishing requires a time investment, especially if you’re going to do it right. Also, keep in mind that if your stain job doesn’t turn out like you want, we cannot cover the damages under our warranty.

Staining Tips

If you decide to stain the table yourself, the first step is choosing a stain. When you pick up your table or arrange for delivery, ask if we have any scrap wood of the same type as your table. Different woods stain differently, so you’ll want to test the stains on a scrap piece to see what the finished color will look like. If using a custom stain, make sure you mix enough to finish the entire piece because it’ll be impossible to match the second batch exactly.

Choose a clean work area for finishing your pieces. Any dust that gets on the furniture or brushes will mar the finished stain. Using a high-quality brush, work from the edges of the table toward the center. Always make sure the final brush strokes go with the grain and keep an eye out for runs or snags so you can bush them out before the stain dries. Let dry overnight, then lightly sand the surface with 240-grit paper. Apply second or third coats in the same manner until you achieve the desired color. Finish with thin coats of a clear lacquer.

Our Staining Options

Have us stain your furniture for you if you want to ensure a long-lasting, professional finish. We offer several finishing options. For all woods, you can opt for a natural look where we apply multiple coats of high-quality clear finish to enhance the wood’s natural coloring and beautiful grain. This is the only option offered for hickory or black walnut, which do not require staining.

For other woods like pine, alder, oak, and maple, we offer three stain colors: special walnut, dark walnut, and ebony. We also offer shadowed edges by using a staining technique to make the ends of the table boards look darker. Each of our stain colors look a little different depending on which type of wood you choose. You can see samples of the finished colors on our website or make an appointment to visit our design center and look at our furniture in person.

Are Barn Doors Right For Your Interior Design?

Barn doors take up less floor space than traditional interior doors and work well for many situations, but are they right for your decorating style and home design? Many times we think of barn doors only fitting into rustic decorations, and they certainly work well for that style. However, they’re also much more versatile than we often give them credit for.

Dallas Rustic Barn Doors : Are Barn Doors Right For Your Interior Design

Wall Structure

The first consideration when deciding whether or not to install barn doors in your home is available wall space and structure. You need enough wall space on the side(s) of the door opening for the barn door(s) to roll out of the way. Plan on needing at least as much wall space next to the doorway as the doorway is wide. If the opening is 3 feet wide, you’ll need at least 3 feet of wall space for the barn door to slide along.

Homes with angled ceilings can make installing barn doors problematic. If you want to use barn doors over a doorway near an angled wall, make sure there’s enough vertical space as well as horizontal space. You’ll also need to make sure your door openings, headers, ceilings, and floor are level. If any of these are off, you could end up with a door that hangs slightly ajar or which scrapes the floor when you try to open it.

Room For Hardware

You also need a header above the door for the rail to mount on. If the opening was originally designed for a door this won’t be a problem, but for floor-to-ceiling opening you’ll need to install a header before hanging the barn door.

Rustic+Modern offers barn door hardware in several different styles. Colors include raw steel, black, and oil rubbed bronze. Pricing starts at $150, and barn door and hardware packages are available. We also offer delivery and installation, depending on your distance from our design center.

Matching Styles

Many different decorating styles will work with barn doors. It all depends on the type of barn door you choose. If you’re going for a rustic interior design – such as rustic chic, farmhouse, or log-cabin style – most barn doors from Rustic+Modern will fit right in. Choose from a wide range of woods, including white pine and alder, and several different stain colors. You can also get these doors with a rough texture that mimics reclaimed wood.

For more modern or classic interior designs, the rustic barn doors can form a nice contrast. If you want them to blend in, though, opt for wood that’s smooth and polished with a stain that matches other woodwork in the room. You can even order an unfinished barn door and then paint or finish it yourself to match other decorations.

Plan Ahead

Barn doors are a great choice for many interior spaces. Just make sure you know that you really want them before installation. Installing barn doors involves putting several holes in the walls for the track. Many times you’ll also be re-doing the door frame opening when switching to barn doors. If you want to remove the barn door and go back to a traditional door in the future, it will involve quite an investment of time and money. Plan on your new barn doors being a part of your home for many years to come. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Guide to Furniture Wood Types

Solid wood furniture is made from wood that falls into two categories: softwood and hardwood. These descriptions refer to the type of tree the wood comes from. Softwoods are typically less dense and lighter weight than hardwoods, though that’s not always the case. Furniture made from both types of wood tends to last longer than furniture made with engineered woods, and solid wood furniture can be refinished once it starts to show its age.

Rustic Dining Tables McKinney Guide to Wood Types

You can see examples of our solid wood furniture and the different woods on our website, or you can come check it out in person. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our design center.


The term “softwood” means that the wood comes from a coniferous tree. It doesn’t describe how sturdy the wood is – softwoods can be just as durable as hardwoods. Examples of softwoods include cedar, redwood, fir, and different varieties of pine. They are generally less expensive and easier to work with than hardwoods, but not always.

Rustic + Modern works with white pine and “rustic” pine. They’re the same wood, but the rustic pine still has the rough texture and saw marks. We lightly sand it to prevent splinters and the wood retains an unfinished look similar to reclaimed wood. Pine is a popular choice for barn doors, tables, and other furniture. It takes stain well, which gives you a variety of options for the finished color.


Woods described as “hardwood” come from deciduous trees. These woods can be either lightweight or more solid and heavy. Both are used for furniture. Examples of hardwoods include alder, beech, cherry, hickory, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut. Hardwoods make sturdy furniture and offer a variety of colors, textures, and grain patterns, but they’re generally more expensive than softwoods.

For most of our tables, our knotty alder is priced the same or only slightly more expensive than white pine. Clear alder, hard maple, red oak, hickory, and black walnut command a higher price point. These hardwoods offer a denser wood than most softwoods and have a striking wood-grain that makes each furniture piece uniquely attractive. Softwoods do show wood-grain, but it’s not as pronounced as the grain on hardwoods.


You can further customize your furniture choices with different finishes. Choose from Special Walnut, Dark Walnut, and Ebony stain for most woods, or go with a Natural finish. Try checking out what our woods look like with different stains if you aren’t sure what color to choose. The only woods we don’t stain are hickory and black walnut. Instead, we enhance the natural coloring and wood grain with multiple coats of a clear, high-quality finish. For customers who want to to stain and/or finish their tables themselves, we do offer unfinished tables. If you go with this option, subtract $150 from the total quoted on the website.

Ways To Use Barn Doors

Sliding doors are a hot trend in interior design right now, and barn doors from Rustic+Modern are among the best quality you can buy. Our solid wood construction is built to last and the design brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Choose from several different door styles, woods, and stains for a custom look that fits your space perfectly. As you would expect, barn doors work well in country and ranch style houses, and they also pair well with modern and industrial design.

Ways To Use Barn Doors Frisco Rustic Barn Doors

Swing-door Replacement

Most doors in your home could be replaced by a barn door if you like the way they look and want to save space. A traditional swing-door takes up about 9 square feet of floor space while a sliding door only requires a few inches of floor and enough wall space to mount the barn door hardware. Barn doors work well for doors into bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and closets.

Tight Spaces

As long as there’s enough wall space for them to slide, you can use barn doors to save room where a swing-door won’t fit or would take up too much space. One example is doorways that open into narrow hallways – with a barn door, you don’t have to worry about hitting anyone walking down the hall when you open the door and it’s much easier to navigate the hall when the door’s open.

Hidden Rooms

Barn doors are a great way to cover rooms you’d rather not keep visible. If you have a pantry, laundry room or small office that you want to hide away when it’s not in use, barn doors fit the bill nicely. Sliding barn doors also work well for creating privacy in rooms that you still want the option to open up on occassion, such as an office or study.

Room Divider

If you have an open concept home, you can use barn doors to create sliding room dividers that maintain the open feel of the home while offering the option for privacy. You can close the rooms off using the solid wall-like doors or slide the doors out of the way when you want to open the space up. An example would be separating a dining room from the kitchen or living area.

Decorative Accents

Barn doors from Rustic+Modern are attractive enough that they can double as a statement piece to decorate the home. Even when you don’t have a doorway, barn doors can be used to cover a media center, placed as a headboard, or even used as curtains. As window covers, two narrow barn doors could work like sliding indoor shutters and make effective room-darkening shades.

Award Winning Customer Service

What does “award winning customer service” mean to you? For us as a furniture company working with clients like you, it means a commitment to delivering the highest quality work and a hassle-free shopping experience.

We started out small and we haven’t forgotten that you, our clients, play a vital role as we continue our journey. Positive customer rapport ranks right at the top of our priorities list. We value your interest, support, and satisfaction highly, and it shows in our 5-star reviews and Best of Houzz Customer Service Award.

Custom Furniture Frisco Award Winning Customer Service

What’s “Best of Houzz”?

Every year, Houzz awards a “Best of Houzz” recognition in Design, Customer Service, and Photography. The Best of Houzz award is given out to select designers, companies, and photographers who receive exceptionally high ratings from the Houzz community.

Since it’s founding in 2009, Houzz has become a leading online community for interior design, decorating, architecture, home improvement, and landscape design. Houzz is the place on the internet to get design ideas, find home pros, and shop for products.

How You “Win”

The Best of Houzz Customer Service award is based on every review received from a client or project throughout the year. Each positive review is counted as a vote for the company to received the award. For Rustic+Modern, 100% of our reviews are 5-star ratings from highly satisfied customers. You can visit our Houzz page and read those reviews by clicking here.

Our Best of Houzz award for Client Satisfaction was awarded on January 11, 2016. Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz, says, “We’re so pleased to recognize Rustic + Modern Handcrafted Furniture, voted one of our ‘Best Of Houzz’ professionals by our enormous community of homeowners and design enthusiasts.” Since then, we’ve also earned a Recommended on Houzz badge for recommendations by the Houzz community, which was awarded on March 25, 2016

Our Quality and Commitment

Every piece of Rustic+Modern furniture is built from solid wood to exacting standards. We also want to make sure your furniture piece is customized just the way you want. As Emily says, we want to make sure our customers are “beyond satisfied with our custom-built furniture and our outstanding service.”

Once you get your furniture piece, Rustic + Modern’s warranty guarantees that our products are free of defects or imperfection in material and workmanship for 60 days from delivery or pick up. As long as your furniture is properly stored, handled, and maintained under normal conditions in a residential setting, it’s of a quality that should last many years beyond the 60-day warranty.

How Custom Furniture Compares to Major Retailers

If you’re thinking about ordering a table, barn door or another piece of furniture from us, you probably want to know why that’s a better option than just picking something up at a furniture store. What is it that sets us apart from large furniture retailers?

Rustic+Modern is dedicated to producing unique furniture pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Couple that with durable, high-quality craftsmanship and award-winning customer service and we think you’ll see why we’re different (and in many ways better) than large furniture stores.

Hardwood Furniture Mckinney How Custom Furniture Compares to Major Retailers

Higher Quality

All Rustic+Modern furniture is handmade from solid wood by professional craftsmen. This results in furniture that is very durable as well as aesthetically beautiful. While you’ll pay more for our furniture than something you pick up at a place like Nebraska Furniture or Pottery Barn, our quality reflects the higher price point.

Properly cared for, solid wood furniture can last for years and become an heirloom piece in your family. You shouldn’t have to replace furniture from Rustic+Modern anytime soon and if, over the course of many years, your solid wood furniture starts to show its age it can be refinished and made beautiful again.

Unique Pieces

When you shop at large furniture stores, most of the pieces are “cookie cutter” designs. There’s a limited selection of styles to choose from and little or no opportunity to customize the furniture to your specifications. That’s not the case with Rustic+Modern. We’ll work directly with you or your interior designer to come up with a piece that fits your space perfectly.

Let’s take tables as an example. You can choose a width of either 36 or 40 inches and a length of 4 to 10 feet for most styles. Our standard table height is 29 to 30 inches tall, but some styles can be made taller. You can also choose between two tabletop thicknesses: either 1 to 1-1/2 inches or 1-1/2 to 2 inches. On top of that, we offer several style variations in the Rustic, Modern, and Industrial collections as well as the opportunity to choose different wood types, stain colors, and finishing touches.

Personal Touch

While larger furniture stores often have friendly and effective customer service departments, they lack the personal touch we can bring to customer relationships. Family values, friendly service, and a high number of satisfied customer reviews earned us the “Best Of Customer Service” honor on Houzz in 2015.

We meet with customers individually at our design center to help them choose the best furniture and make sure they’re getting exactly what they want (contact us for an appointment). Once you’ve placed an order we’ll continue to update you with product photos during the building process. After your order is delivered, we offer a 60-day warranty against defects and are available to answer any questions you might have about how to care for your furniture.

How we are Different (and Better!) than Amateur Furniture Builders

Like many handmade furniture businesses, we started out building tables in our garage. Now, Rustic + Modern produces rustic, modern and industrial style furniture pieces of the highest quality around. But what is it that sets us apart from the furniture builders who are still working out of their garages?


While there are amateur furniture builders out there who turn-out some impressive work, for the most part they don’t have the training, equipment or quality of wood to create furniture that can rival our pieces. We offer wood quality, craftsmanship, and customer service that you just can’t find anywhere.

Solid Wood

While many amateur furniture builders rely on engineered woods, veneers, or inexpensive wood picked up at home improvement stores, we use only the best 100% solid wood. Our solid wood furniture is durable, easy to care for, and long-lasting.

Using natural solid wood makes each furniture piece unique since it highlights the wood’s natural beauty. You can learn more about the woods and stains we offer by clicking here. For the parts of our furniture that aren’t wood, we use natural and forged components chosen for their strength and design quality.

Professional Craftsmanship

The skills needed to turn out a high-quality wood furniture piece aren’t something you can learn overnight. It requires many, many hours of practice and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This is another thing that sets Rustic + Modern apart from amateur furniture builders. We’ve spent countless hours learning about and building furniture, and are constantly adding to our skills.

Each of Rustic + Modern’s furniture pieces is designed to become an heirloom. You won’t find any slip-shod craftsmanship in our collections. But don’t just take our word for it. If you contact us to request an appointment to visit our design studio, you can come check our furniture out for yourself.

Award-Winning Service

Another thing you won’t get with amateur furniture builders is award-winning customer service. Since the very beginning, Rustic + Modern has been dedicated to appreciative and positive customer support. Last year, our work was recognized with the “Best Of Customer Service” honor on Houzz. These honors are based on a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews.

You need only read some of our 5-star reviews to learn that our clients are consistently happy with both the quality of our furniture and our friendly, professional customer service. We hope to make you just as happy with your next furniture purchase.