Why Are Barn Doors So Popular?

Not all that long ago, residential sliding doors were reserved for closets and cramped spaces. With barn doors as one of the hottest trends right now in interior design, that’s no longer the case. You’ll find them replacing traditional swing doors for almost every room in the house. But what is it that makes barn doors so popular?

Rustic Wood Furniture Plano Why Are Barn Doors So Popular


Barn doors solve problems in cramped spaces where there’s little room for a door to swing open. Doors that open into narrow hallways, closets in cramped rooms, doorways you want to cover without taking up floor space – all these situations are a great place for barn doors.

The typical swing door requires about 9 square feet of floor space to open the door. Even in places where this space is available, it can be a challenge to navigate around the door once it’s open, depending on the surrounding space. Barn doors only require a few inches of floor space and enough room on one side of the doorway for them to slide along the wall.


Unlike pocket doors, barn doors don’t require reconstructing the wall to add a sliding door. Hanging barn doors is fairly simple. All you have to do is attach a track to the wall and hang the barn door on that. Things get a bit trickier if you have uneven floors or ceilings, but, in general, it’s much simpler than installing other siding doors and sometimes even easier than installing swing doors. You can order barn doors from Rustic + Modern with or without hanging hardware.

Accessible Doorways

Barn doors slide open and stay open until you close them. They’re easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about them swinging shut unexpectedly. This makes them perfect for rooms that you have to walk in and out of with your hands full, such as a laundry room. They’re also a good choice for people with limited mobility who don’t want to navigate a wheelchair around swing doors or can’t hold a swing door open and use a walker at the same time.

Timeless Design

More and more people are installing barn doors because they are an attractive and practical design trend. Unlike many design trends, they’re not going to become obsolete in a few years. Work them into your home design, and barn doors will remain functional and beautiful for many years even after the hype has faded.

Rustic + Modern offers high-quality, solid wood doors custom-made for you, so they’ll fit into your home just right. You get to choose the wood type, door size, design style, and stain color. Click here to see our different barn door styles and get an instant quote on the size and style you want.

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