5 Farmhouse Tables To Update Your Dining Room

Holidays are just around the corner. If you’re inviting guests over, there’s a good chance the party’s going to revolve around your dining room table. You can make a great impression (and get yourself a holiday treat to enjoy year-round) with a new solid wood farmhouse table.

These are the style of tables people think of when they think farmhouse dining room design. But they’re not limited to rooms decorated in a farmhouse motif. Use farmhouse-style tables in all types of rustic design, retro room décor, and even modern dining rooms.

Handmade Custom Wood Tables McKinney

The Classic

Sturdy, solid, simple. Our Classic Farmhouse Tables are a staple of rustic design. These tables feature a solid wood tabletop with straight, squared legs at each corner. They’d look fantastic in any casual dining room. For the most rustic option, choose hand scraped distressing for the tabletop. We can also make matching benches in your choice of wood.

Turn A Leg

Dress-up the classic farmhouse design with Turned Leg Farmhouse Tables. Whether you want to use the table in a room that’s slightly more formal or just want to add interest to your furniture, this table is a great choice. The legs can be rounded or squared depending on your preference. Stain the table for a classic appearance or have it painted and/or distressed if you prefer the shabby-chic look.


Another variation on the classic design, our V-Base Trestle Tables feature A-frame leg supports and a V-shaped center brace. These tables will look great in any dining room with a rustic decorating scheme. The creative construction also makes it a good choice for modern designs that feature wood as a decorating element.

Up On A Pedestal

Our newest addition to the Rustic Collection, Pedestal Farmhouse Tables let you seat more people without bumping against the table legs. In this design, the legs are tucked under the tables and held in place with a sturdy beam-constructed base. It’s perfect if you plan to entertain or if your family is growing.

Mix in Metal

Veering away from the rustic look, our Industrial Farmhouse Tables mix modern metal with classic farmhouse table design. These tables look similar to the Classic Farmhouse Table, but with metal pipes connecting the table top and the legs. It’s a bold furniture design that’s sure to draw compliments.

With all our tables, you choose from a wide variety of woods, stains, and smooth or distressed finish treatment. These customizations make the furniture extremely versatile. Match your table to existing wood in the room or make it a focal point with the exact characteristics you like. Whatever style you choose, we’ll make sure it’s quality craftsmanship that can last for years to come. Who knows? Sitting around your new farmhouse table might become a favorite holiday tradition.

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