Get To Know Your Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables are an extremely popular option right now in wood furniture. We’ve been getting a ton of inquiries about them lately. And no wonder since live edge design is so eye-catching and unique.

The down-side is that authentic live edge wood is pricey and it can be difficult to find in the size and style you want. That’s why we decided to incorporate the hand carved live edge option into our designs. This alternative saves you money, is designed to fit your space, and still looks fantastic.

Defining “Live Edge”hand carved custom furniture Dallas Tx

Authentic live edge tabletops feature the natural edge of the tree from which it was cut, and (depending on the desired width) they are oftentimes one slab of wood. Authentic live edge wood is highly desired and is somewhat rare, so the cost definitely reflects that. Because of the limited inventory, slabs are typically sold quickly, and it can be difficult to find the exact size that will work for your space.

A Hand-Carved Alternativerustic furniture Dallas Texas

Hand carved live edge tops are built just like our standard tops are – with multiple boards of the same wood type. But the edges are carved to reflect the appearance of authentic live edge. We love that we can offer this feature because it gives us more control over the final product.

Customers can choose the table top size, the wood type and the stain color, as well as the style of live edge they prefer (bold or subtle). Additionally, the hand carved option is quite a bit less expensive than an authentic live edge.

Get Your Own Live Edge


All Rustic + Modern tables, benches, and desks are made to your exact specifications and we’ll work with you to create the type of edge you’re looking for. Hand carved live edge can be combined with our other customization options to create a piece of furniture unique to your home without the price of using authentic live edge wood.

If you’re interested in a hand carved live edge table, check out our furniture collections and ask about adding live edge to your favorite styles. Contact us if you have any questions or want us to get started on your very own custom live edge table.

Rustic Or Modern? Narrowing Furniture Options

In rustic decorating, the farmhouse and trestle tables provide a down-home country look. These styles look particularly rustic when you choose a distressed wood finish. For more modern decorating, our industrial and modern collections pair solid wood with metal. Depending on the style you’re going for, modern decor can use smooth woods with rich color and classic lines or go for a rougher industrial look with distressed wood and natural finishes.

When you order a new table or desk from Rustic + Modern, you’re purchasing a unique piece of furniture made to your exact specifications. We offer a wide range of options so you control the appearance of the finished piece. These options include wood type, stain color, and smooth or distressed finish. The style you choose depends on your individual preference and the type of room where you’re planning to place the finished furniture piece.

A Question of Wood

rustic-pine-handcrafted-tables-dallas-texas Custom Walnut Furniture Dallas Texas hickory-handcrafted-tables-dallas-texas

White pine has some knots and surface character. It’s a great choice if you prefer the rustic look. We also offer rough white pine that preserves natural imperfections and saw marks for a reclaimed wood look. All of our pine tables are made with grooves between the table boards.

Knotty alder and red oak also offer distinct wood grains, but with a smoother table finish. You can also opt for clear alder, which has very few small knots. For a finer, more even texture, choose hard maple. These woods work equally well in rooms with rustic decorations or in a more modern or traditionally decorated room.

Hickory and black walnut are fantastic wood choices, no matter what your decorating style. Both are durable woods with beautiful natural texture. We think our most stunning tables are the ones made with black walnut tops.

Pick A Color

Custom furniture Dallas

Color choice depends more on the other colors in the room you’re decorating than on whether the design is rustic or modern. Each of the different woods offers different color options and they’ll all look good on modern or rustic furniture. We don’t stain black walnut and hickory, so their natural color will shine through. For walnut, this is a rich brown color. For hickory, the color is light blond with darker streaks. You can choose to keep the other woods natural or have us stain them.

Pine and hard maple are naturally pale woods. Alder is a slightly darker tan color. Red oak’s natural color is light brown with a reddish hue in the grain. All these woods can be stained with special walnut for a rich brown color, dark walnut for a deeper brown, or ebony for a near-black finish. Click here to see pictures of the different woods with and without stain.

To Distress or Not To Distress

We also offer the option of distressing the table top. This scraped or hammered effect gives your table the authentically hand-crafted look of older furniture. Distressed wood is a popular trend in rustic, industrial, retro, and farmhouse style interior decorating. The texture looks rough but don’t worry – it’s not going to splinter.

Customizing your furniture piece comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer wood with a distinct grain, or something with a more subtle pattern? Would you prefer lighter or darker furniture in your room, and do you want natural wood or stained? Is a rough, rustic look better for your interior design, or will a smooth table top look best? With Rustic + Modern, you have the chance to make those decisions and get a table that fits your space perfectly.


3 Irrefutable Rules for Mixing and Matching Wood Furniture

Gone are the days when interior design demanded all the wood furniture in a room matched perfectly. Matching furniture sets still work well for formal interiors, but it’s definitely not a requirement. Perhaps you’re trying to update your home without replacing all the furniture, or you inherited a dining set that doesn’t match the color of your wood floor, or maybe you just like the relaxed feel of an eclectically decorated room. Whatever the case, there’s no need to avoid using different woods if you keep a few guidelines in mind.


Pair Similar Undertones

The first thing to look for when trying to match wood is the undertone. You can pair dark and light woods without trouble, but they’ll look best if you match the undertone. Some woods have a warm undertone, some look cool and gray, others are pale blond. Try to keep the different woods in your home in a similar color family.

If you have a pale gray weathered wood floor, you might consider getting a dining table made of pine, alder, or maple that is stained ebony. The dark finish will form a nice contrast with the paler gray floor without clashing. For rooms where you already have warm tones, try woods finished with a walnut stain or choose red oak. If you’re looking for a pale color, go with unstained alder, maple, or hickory. Check out all Rustic + Moderns custom wood options by clicking here.

Balance Different Woods

If you’re using two different wood tones in the room, try to make one more prominent than the other. Designer Sarah Langtry recommends keeping about 80% of the wood in the room one color and then using an accent for the other 20%. For example, if you have wood floors use the same wood type and/or finish on a few other major furniture pieces and then use a lighter or darker accent in two or three places throughout the room.

You can use more than two types of wood in the room, but try not to overdo it – three different wood tones is just about all a single room can handle without looking too busy and mismatched. Paying attention to the undertones will help you avoid this problem – even if the woods don’t match exactly, they’ll still look good together if the undertones are the same.

Pay Attention To Texture

Decorating with different types of wood furniture doesn’t just mean choosing different stains or woods. It can also refer to the texture of the wood. Wood can be smooth or rough, weathered or polished, knotty or clear. Mixing the different types of wood used in your decorating can make for an interesting contrast.

If you have smooth wood floors, you might shake things up by ordering one of our pine or alder tables with hand-scraped distress. Or you might choose a modern desk with a smooth table top to pair with knotty pine floors. If, on the other hand, you want to minimize the differences between your different wood types and finishes, choose woods with similar grain and texture to create a sense of unity in the design.

When it comes to wood there are many stunning options to choose from.  As long as you stick to these 3 rules, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful stylish space.  If you’re having trouble deciding, schedule an appointment to visit our design center.  We’ll help you design a custom piece of quality furniture that will last.

Why Are Barn Doors So Popular?

Not all that long ago, residential sliding doors were reserved for closets and cramped spaces. With barn doors as one of the hottest trends right now in interior design, that’s no longer the case. You’ll find them replacing traditional swing doors for almost every room in the house. But what is it that makes barn doors so popular?

Rustic Wood Furniture Plano Why Are Barn Doors So Popular


Barn doors solve problems in cramped spaces where there’s little room for a door to swing open. Doors that open into narrow hallways, closets in cramped rooms, doorways you want to cover without taking up floor space – all these situations are a great place for barn doors.

The typical swing door requires about 9 square feet of floor space to open the door. Even in places where this space is available, it can be a challenge to navigate around the door once it’s open, depending on the surrounding space. Barn doors only require a few inches of floor space and enough room on one side of the doorway for them to slide along the wall.


Unlike pocket doors, barn doors don’t require reconstructing the wall to add a sliding door. Hanging barn doors is fairly simple. All you have to do is attach a track to the wall and hang the barn door on that. Things get a bit trickier if you have uneven floors or ceilings, but, in general, it’s much simpler than installing other siding doors and sometimes even easier than installing swing doors. You can order barn doors from Rustic + Modern with or without hanging hardware.

Accessible Doorways

Barn doors slide open and stay open until you close them. They’re easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about them swinging shut unexpectedly. This makes them perfect for rooms that you have to walk in and out of with your hands full, such as a laundry room. They’re also a good choice for people with limited mobility who don’t want to navigate a wheelchair around swing doors or can’t hold a swing door open and use a walker at the same time.

Timeless Design

More and more people are installing barn doors because they are an attractive and practical design trend. Unlike many design trends, they’re not going to become obsolete in a few years. Work them into your home design, and barn doors will remain functional and beautiful for many years even after the hype has faded.

Rustic + Modern offers high-quality, solid wood doors custom-made for you, so they’ll fit into your home just right. You get to choose the wood type, door size, design style, and stain color. Click here to see our different barn door styles and get an instant quote on the size and style you want.

Barn Doors in Commercial Design

Barn doors have become one of the hottest trends in interior decorating, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. The trend isn’t limited to residential home design, either. You’ll also see them used in commercial spaces.

Dallas-Custom-Furniture-Store-Barn-Doors-in-Commercial-DesignAccessible Doorways

One feature of sliding doors is that they easily comply with ADA standards for Accessible Design. ADA guidelines say sliding doors need to have a minimum clear width of 32 inches in the doorway and you need to provide maneuvering room for opening the doors. These regulations are much simpler than those governing swing doors. On top of that, it’s easier for someone with a wheelchair or walker to open a sliding door than to navigate around many types of swing-doors.

This makes barn doors an ideal choice for saving space and providing easy navigation in public locations that need to meet ADA standards, as well as in homes with residents who have limited mobility. Barn doors can provide larger openings (depending on the size you order), won’t swing shut on their own, and are easy to operate without running into the door or the surrounding woodwork.

Space Dividers

Tyler Stephens of Core10 Architects says, “I generally recommend to my clients that we use barn doors anywhere you want a large-scale opening – where you are going to leave it open the majority of the time.” This principle applies in a variety of spaces designed for gathering groups of people for work or other actives.

Churches, dance studios, and other locations may want a room design that offers a large space they can open up for gatherings with the option to divide the room for certain actives. Barn doors are a sturdy and attractive way to accomplish this.

Hotels and Restaurants

A traditional swing-door takes up about 9 square feet of floor space, while a sliding door only requires a few inches of floor space and enough room on the wall to mount barn door hardware. This is a huge asset in hotel room design, where space is at a premium. Barn doors’ popularity means there’s an added bonus of making hotel rooms using them look trendy and stylish.

Barn doors are also showing up more frequently in restaurant design. The large doors are seen as a statement decorating pieces, as well as a functional way to close off banquet rooms or the kitchen.

Office Settings

In office settings, sliding doors make it possible for rooms to be left open without having the door take up floor space or get accidentally shut. The doors are then easily closed when you need privacy. This works especially well for meeting rooms and private offices. Sliding doors that are chosen for office settings often have a more modern look than wood barn doors, but you could incorporate wood for a more earthy or industrial-style interior design.

Click here to check out our barn door collection and see which ones might work for your commercial space. We offer completely custom solid wood barn doors, with a discount if your order two or more doors. You get to choose the finished size and select from several different styles.

Barn Doors: Regional or Wide-Spread?

Barn doors might sound like something that would be a regional decorating trend. We tend to think of them in the context of rustic and farmhouse decorating, but it would be a mistake to assume barn doors only fit into a specific region or type of interior design.

Plano Custom Furniture Store Barn Doors: Regional or Wide-Spread

Design trends aren’t as regional as we tend to assume. While some design elements show up more frequently in a specific location, interior decorating tends to depend more on home architecture and the owners individual tastes, rather than on the region where the home is built.

Merging Design Styles

Home design has historically been influenced by location. East Coast styles tend to be more traditional and formal. As you move west through the United States, Midwest homes tend toward comfortable and “homey” styles. In the Southwest and on the West Coast there’s more of a Spanish style influence.

Today, however, designs for new homes are becoming homogenized. There are many reasons for this – people moving across the country bring design trends they’re familiar with, the Internet lets new home builders source from cross-country designs, and architects travel more. While homes in the same region still share commonalities, they’re more likely to draw on a wider variety of design influences.

Barn Doors By Region

Barn doors are now found in a wide variety of home designs in areas across the country. According to a Zillow report analyzing thousands of listings across the United States, the phrase “barn door” might help homes on the market sell faster and fetch a higher price point.

The most common location where Zillow found a connection between “barn door” and increased sales was in Phoenix, Arizona. That’s not exactly a location known for rustic farmhouse design, indicating that barn doors are wide-spread across different decorating trends and regions.

Popular Decorating Trends

Rather than looking at regional aspects for a reason why barn doors are so popular, we need to look at current design trends. Traditional farmhouse and industrial modern styles are both hot designs right now, and barn doors pair well with both.

Industrial modern design is most often associated with city living. The merging of wood, metal, and brickwork for industrial designs means rustic barn doors hung on exposed metal hardware fit right in.

Farmhouse design is comfortable, rustic-chic, and stylish – the perfect setting for traditional wood barn doors. You’ll also find barn doors used other cozy styles, like coastal and cottage designs, and they’ll often be painted to match the other decorations.

Metal and Wood – Hallmarks of Industrial Design

Industrial Modern design is taking hold in loft apartments, commercial spaces, reclaimed industrial buildings converted into homes, and even modern residential design. The style emphasizes raw edges and an unfinished look, yet still achieves a cohesive feel more chic than shabby.

Key to modern industrial design is the pairing of wood and metal. Metal is cool, hard, and industrial, while wood is warm, organic, and traditional. Combined, they perfectly embody industrial style’s merging of a warehouse look with earthy and/or polished materials for a truly modern design.


From Floor to Ceiling

Industrial modern style starts with the bare bones of your space. Often, rooms in this style will have wood beams and metal pipe work visible on the ceilings, exposed brick on the walls, and industrial floor tiles. It’s often a stripped-down, minimalistic style.

One type of industrial design known as rustic industrial incorporates more wood. This is the kind of interior design where you’re likely to see rustic wood cabinets in the kitchen paired with modern metal counters and appliances. The trend can carry over into other rooms as well – wood desks with metal legs in the study, barn doors hung on industrial metal tracks in place of swing-doors, and wood floors paired with metal bedsteads in the bedroom.

Pipe-Work and Woodindustrial-pipe-hardwood-desk-dallas-texas

In our Industrial Collection, Rustic + Modern merges metal pipes with solid wood furniture. These furniture pieces look right at home in industrial modern design. Whether you need a dining table or a study desk, they’re the perfect choice for function and aesthetics. Like all our furniture, the Industrial Collection is built to last with quality materials and careful attention to detail.


The Industrial Pipe Tables and Desks in our collection feature solid-wood tops and unique metal pipe bases. If you like the look of more wood, our Industrial Farmhouse Tables connect wood tables tops with wood legs using metal pipe components. When customizing these tables and desks, you choose the wood type, style of metal pipe base, and the finish for both wood and metal components.

brushed-steel-live-edge-dining-table-bench-prosper-texasLive-Edge Tables

Industrial modern design is often minimalistic. When you’re limiting the number of decorations in a room, it pays to invest in unique items that truly enhance the design aesthetic. Live-edge tables are an eye-catching, yet functional, furniture piece that incorporates the raw, organic look we’re often going for in industrial design.

Rustic + Modern offers live-edge tables as part of our Modern Collection. These wood and steel tables feature a solid-wood table top and stylish metal legs. In this collection, you can get hand carved live-edge tables or more traditional rectangular table tops in several types of wood. The metal bases also come in several styles, including A-frame, rectangular, and X-frame. The wide range of customization options ensures you’ll get what you need to fit the exact look you’re going for in your own spin on industrial modern design.

Increase Home Value With Barn Doors

When you think of design features that increase the value of your home, barn doors probably aren’t on the top of your list. Perhaps they should be. Real Estate website Zillow Digs recently analyzed their 2.8 million listings and came to a conclusion that shouldn’t be all that surprising for those of us who love barn doors.

According to a report released in April, the phrase “barn door” might help homes on the market sell 57 days faster and fetch a 13.4 percent higher price than homes without a sliding door. “Barn doors” rank higher than any other design term Zillow’s study analyzed in their listings. The study covered homes of various price points and locations.


Barn Doors Catch Buyers’ Eyes

If you’re trying to sell a home, simply replacing a swing door with a barn door doesn’t guarantee a higher final selling price. However, if you already have a home design that would appeal to barn door enthusiasts, being able to include that keyword in your listing can help make the home easier to sell. Even if you’re not planning to sell in the near future, using a barn door in your remodeling could increase the home value.

Skylar Olsen, Zillow’s senior economist, explains that the relationship between barn doors in the home and higher value isn’t automatic. You can’t just slap on a barn door and increase the value of any home. “Barn doors are a signal of a strong design sense,” Zillow said in an interview with Bloomberg. She continues, “People that design homes or fix them up with barn doors might have their eyes toward other key design elements that people value, like a farmhouse sink or an open kitchen.”

Design Style and Barn Doors

Many home buyers are looking for a design aesthetic that lends itself well to barn doors. In Zillow’s report, “Craftsmen style” and related keywords rated highly in listings that buyers were looking for. Keywords like “farmhouse sink” and “shaker cabinets” rated right behind “barn doors” in terms of popularity.

Barn doors also work well with industrial and modern styles, another popular design trend. The keyword ranked 4th on Zillow’s list was “subway tile.” A little farther down on the list, we find other keywords like “exposed brick” and “pendant lighting,” which are associated with modern and industrial design. Barn doors with metal hardware fit right into these decorating styles.

Choosing A Barn Door

Rustic + Modern’s barn doors are of the highest quality and work well with popular design trends as well as classic home styles. If increasing your home value is one of the reasons you’re thinking of installing a barn door, you’re in the right place.

We offer several different barn door designs that are custom-made to your exact specifications. You choose the size, wood type, stain or paint color, and style. We also offer different styles of hardware, and installation and delivery if you live close enough to our design center. You can order online or contact us to set up an appointment with our design center and see barn door examples in-person.

One Barn Door or Two?

When you’re looking at barn door design ideas, you’ll see a huge range of styles and hanging options. Some doorways are hung with just one barn door. Others have two barn doors hung side-by-side so they roll back to either side of the doorway.

How many door you use depends on available space, what you’re using the door for, and personal preference. Two barn doors will be more expensive than one, but there are situations where double barn doors will fit your space and design plan better.



Measure Your Space

Space is the first consideration when deciding what type and size of barn door to hang. Barn doors need at least as much wall space beside the door as the doorway is wide. If your door opening is 3 feet wide, you need 3 feet of clear wall space on one side of the doorway for the barn door to slide along when you open the door.

But what if your doorway is 60-inches wide and you don’t have a that much wall space? You can still hang barn doors if you have 30 inches of clear wall space on each side by using two barn doors instead of one. This also works for wider door openings, where a single door might be impractical.

What’s the Door For?

How you’re going to use the door can also determine whether you want to use one barn door or two to cover the opening. You probably don’t want a double barn door over the bathroom since there’s always going to be a slight gap between the two doors. In this situation, one door would offer more privacy.

Double barn doors work very well as doors into rooms like pantries, offices, and closets. They’re also good for use as room dividers if your home has an open floor plan. So long as there’s room to hang a door track, you can use barn doors to maintain the open feel of the rooms while offering the option to close rooms off from each other.

Consider Aesthetics

Another consideration when hanging barn doors is what you want them to look like. Do you want the symmetrical look of a double door that opens sort of like a sliding French door? Or do you want a single door to take the place of a swing-door while saving space and adding a rustic contemporary look to your home?

If you’re ready to try out barn doors in your home, check out our website to see some of our designs and get a price quote. We offer hardware and door packages, as well as installation and delivery depending on how far away you are from our Prosper, Texas, location. Our barn doors are completely custom and we’ll work with you to create the perfect size door, or doors, for your space.

Solid Wood Furniture’s Place in Modern Design

Solid wood furniture is one of the most enduring design trends, and that’s especially true in modern interior design. Wood furniture perfectly embodies modern design ideals of sustainable natural elements, quality craftsmanship, and unique decorating pieces to create an elegantly simple space. Whether you’re going for a classic look, a rustic chic feel, industrial modern, or anything in between, there’s a wood furniture piece that can work in your home.

Solid Wood Furniture in Modern Design Custom Tables Plano

Natural Beauty

Incorporating natural and organic elements into your interior design provides a type of beauty that just isn’t possible with synthetic materials. There really isn’t a substitute for the weighty, cool presence of natural stone, the feel of real leather, or the natural grain of solid wood. Psychologically, natural elements often lend a calming, peaceful effect to a room.

Solid wood furniture is also an environmentally friendly choice for incorporating natural elements into the design. The type of timber we use for furniture can be harvested and re-planted sustainably. Furniture made from solid wood also lasts for a long time. If it ever does get thrown out many years in the future, it won’t contribute to the landfill problem since wood is biodegradable.

Quality Craftsmanship

Getting away from disposable, trend-of-the-moment design often means investing in high-quality decorating pieces such as solid wood furniture. Handcrafted furniture made by accomplished craftsmen will last for years and is a true work of art.

Here at Rustic + Modern, we’ve spent countless hours honing our woodworking skills so we can build the best quality furniture possible. Every piece we produce is designed to become an heirloom. We don’t take short-cuts and you won’t find mediocre craftsmanship in our designs. If you’d like to inspect the quality in-person, contact us and request an appointment to visit our design center in Prosper, Texas.

Completely Custom

Custom-made furniture pieces can fit perfectly into an interior design and represent something about the decorator’s tastes and style. Tailoring a few pieces like a dining table or office desk to your exact specifications ensures you’re completely happy with the furniture in your space. This is especially important in modern minimalist design, where there aren’t a lot of decorations to distract from the main pieces in the room.

Rustic + Modern offers a variety of customization options. On the more “rustic” side, we have three main styles of farmhouse tables. On the more “modern” side, we pair solid wood table tops with metal elements like table legs and/or re-purposed metal pipe components. You also choose the type of wood, what kind of finish we use, and the size of the finished piece.